Unreported Offshore Income? Take Action Now With The I.r.s. (And State Tax Authorities)

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How much equity do you have in your house? When determining if you should file for bankruptcy, it is vital that you take all things into consideration, this includes considering how much equity you have in your house. In order to file for bankruptcy, you shouldn't have more than $20-$40k in equity.

You can guess what happens here right? Giving your money to some offshore bank only to find that you won't save on tax in fact you won't save anything at all you will just lose money if one of these offshore banking experts haha get hold of your moola. Do your due research when you are handing over money of any kind to these types of organisations. Some Swiss banks have been found guilty and tried for accepting money with no intention of keeping to their agreements. Just look into it with previous proof of a customer's results.

Managing an offshore banks from inside the U.S. is not just stupid, it's a death wish. In case you don't watch the news, these government guys are very, very serious about catching people just like you and making examples of you.

I found that real estate was on fire. Her property, a condo, had gone up in value. She sold it and bought a home. If she could do it, so could my family! The lenders were anxious to make loans and offered a loan where the payments would go up each year. This would work for us as I expected to get promotions and raises. The real estate agent explained that even if we ever got in trouble, we should always be able to sell my new home as it would be worth more in the future than it was when I bought it. Makes sense to me. We were able to buy the type of home we hoped we thought we would have to wait 10 years to afford. The difference was we were able to qualify now. We were also worried that the way homes were increasing in price, we would never be able to afford the house later if we didn't buy now.

Other scams being used that slightly differ from the above are the emails from a certain son, daughter, or wife. These follow the same pattern more or less. It starts with a terrible accident where their father / husband have been tragically killed with a huge fortune in an offshore bank account. They need your help and bank details so that they can transfer millions of US Dollars into your bank so that they can get hold of it.

Are you closing a business that has a lot of debt that you personally guaranteed? If you are closing down a business that has a great amount of debt, and that debt is in your name, it is necessary that you file bankruptcy. Because of the effects this debt can have on your personal life, you should file for bankruptcy immediately.

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